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Midsummer at the lakeside


Come and celebrate Midsummer in the Finnish countryside! Enjoy the bright summer nights at the beach of Mäntyjärvi. Enjoy a Midsummer sauna with the smell of fresh birch and a bonfire to admire. Accommodation double room €62,00/night. The price includes bed linen and one sauna. Breakfast and other meals can be served at additional costs.

Vaikko area lake and river fishing options


Kaavi is part of the Finnish Lake District, an area which during the Ice Age became big and small lakes, ponds, streams and rivers in the labyrinth. Kaavi waters are clean and rich in fish. Thrive in smaller lakes and pike perch, bream, whitefish or pike. Lake trout and grayling swim upstream to spawn, in eastern Finland. Many of the fishing locations are stocked with trout and rainbow trout.

Viljamaa country lodge is located on the shore of lake Mäntyjärvi. This is a small headwater lake, in which particularly groupers and giant pike are caught, but also whitefish and pike-perch. You can use a rowing boat to examine the Mäntyjärvi fishing spots in more detail.

The catch brought home can be fried directly on the campfire next to the lake shore. An experienced chef can prepare the meals or assist in their preparation.

Fishing permits for the region can be purchased at Viljamaa country lodge.
Further information about fishing in the Vaikko river area.

Fishing package:


This 2 day/3 night package consists of:

  • 3 nights in Viljamaa country lodge
  • all meals (including 3 lunch packages)
  • fishing permits for 2 days
  • a smoke sauna

Total costs per person (based on 2 persons/room): € 250,=
Extension per day: € 70,=

If you visit us in winter, you can try your luck at ice fishing.